Friday 5 October 2012

Gluten Free Falafel Recipe

I love falafels...

There is something so relaxing about making them and they taste so good!

 I also have a delicious Sweet Potato Falafel recipe which you can find here.

(Serves 4/26 Falafels)

4 small red onions, chopped
2 x 400g can drained & rinsed chickpeas
50g fresh parsley, roughly chopped
50g fresh coriander, roughly chopped
2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp dried basil
125g gluten free plain flour blend (plus more if needed)
2 small eggs, beaten
Zest of 1 lemon
Freshly ground black pepper
A large pinch of salt

Heat a drizzle of oil in a large frying pan, add the onions and spices then fry until the onions start to soften. Add chickpeas and continue gently frying for a few more minutes.

Allow to cool slightly and put the mixture in a food processor along with the lemon zest, herbs, flour, eggs and season to taste. Blend until mixture binds.

Roll into small balls (adding flour if mixture is too wet) and press down to make falafels, dust with extra flour for crispiness and fry for about 4 minutes on each side until golden.

Serve with gluten free pitta breads, lemon wedges and a salad. With mayonnaise, Greek yoghurt or tzatziki on the side.