Thursday 25 August 2022

Murmur, Brighton

Murmur is the perfect spot for an outdoor seafood lunch by the sea...

The vibe is so chilled and it has great views of the sea. Its a nice spot for people watching too. I have been there for my sister's birthday the last few years. 

The food is fantastic. Delicious and fresh and they can make a lot of it gluten free. The first time I went they had a GF labelled menu, but the second time it was on a blackboard without any allergen labelling but the waitress was really helpful with helping me choose a gluten free safe meal. 

They made me the tart without the pastry which was actually so delicious that I don't think it needed any pastry! 

My only critiques are that the portions were a little bit small the first time I went and they didn't have any mocktails. It caused all sorts of confusion when I asked for one. So the second time I went, I kept it simple and just asked for a diet coke. They do have alcohol free gluten free beers which is a great!

On my last visit, Murmur actually came to the rescue after an unsuccessful attempt at lunch at The Salt Room. The staff at The Salt Room had refused to let us sit on the terrace which we had booked, claiming it was closed due to the weather (even though the weather was ok and I had seen people on it earlier). Then when we asked again, they said it was due to staff shortages that it was closed. 

Which was true? I don't know, because when I walked past again a few hours later there were people on it! Because the restaurant was way too loud inside and not what we had signed up for we decided to leave (they even tried to charge my sister-in-law for us leaving!!) and go to Murmur instead which seated us outdoors and we had a lovely time. So it worked out for the best and I would always recommend Mumur as the place to go if you want a seafront meal. 

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