Sunday 13 February 2022

Delicious & Gluten Free in Thassos Island

Thassos Island is just amazing...

You can't fly directly there so you have to take a plane followed by a boat. I usually hate boats but this really added to the experience. I have been to Greece quite a few times but it was never like this; sailing between Greek Islands was just fantastic!

The Island's landscape is really lush and green which I have never experienced on a Greek Island before, the others I have been to have been pretty dry, dusty and sandy. 

My room had the most incredible balcony with the best views over the bay. I stayed at the Emerald Studios in Golden Beach. Not all of the rooms had such amazing balconies so I was very lucky; this view is from room 46. 

I went self catering so I could fill my case with gluten free goodies and just buy fresh stuff from the supermarket there. I just picked up milk, cheeses, fruit & veg and some meat and I was set. It made eating super easy!

I spent my days reading on the beach and drinking aperol spritz, heaven! My evenings were spent reading on the balcony and watching the sunset. 

This was a fantastic place for a solo female traveller. When the owner of the property realised I was on my own he came and made me feel very welcome and said that I could come to him if I needed anything, he was very lovely. 

I felt very safe there and didn’t have many issues, just a couple of pervy men trying to sit with me but you get that anywhere! I often find when I travel alone, that a lot of men can’t understand why I’m alone. They ask where my boyfriend is which is annoying because I actually prefer to travel alone. I can do what I want when I want and not have to worry about anyone else!

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