Friday 20 September 2013

Gluten Free in Greece - Rhodes

I recently travelled to Greece on my second visit to the country in as many years. This year's trip was for a special occasion, our honeymoon.

Last year we visited Kos which was lovely (you can see my previous post here) but this year, we visited the beautiful town of Lindos in Rhodes. Having met my husband there 6 years ago we thought it the perfect place to honeymoon. To celebrate our honeymoon, we were greeted with beautiful flowers, champagne and a fruit basket.

We did research lots of places around the world but our one concern when choosing our honeymoon (apart from fabulous weather) was if I would be able to eat easily and comfortably without getting glutened.

We both thought that Lindos would be a good place as we both knew the town and some of the restaurants already.

Thankfully we were right, it was quite easy to find a gluten free meal so we ate out a lot. The waiters knew straight away whether there was any wheat in the dishes. Often they didn't even have to check with the chef as they were so informed of all the dishes on the menus and the ingredients that go in them.

Of course there was a lot of gluten filled dishes on the menus (pasta, pittas etc) but a lot of the dishes I saw didn't contain any wheat anyway as there was no need for it. There is a lot of fresh fish,  meat and salad.

I managed two whole weeks without getting glutened so I dont think cross contamination was an issue in the restaurants we went to either.


Here's a round up of some of the gluten free meals I had while away:

Grilled Swordfish

Chicken in a Mango & Cashew Sauce

King Prawns with Bacon

Pork Medallions in a Plum Sauce

Grilled Chicken Breast with Potato Wedges & Grilled Veg

Jacket Potato with Mozzarella & Bacon

Halloumi, Salami, Peppers & Rice

Grilled Prawns



PLEASE NOTE: This is not a travel guide, just my experiences and although I was not glutened, please always check labels and with the waiters.

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  1. I love Greece but haven't been since I became gluten free, good to know that it wont be a problem finding thing to eat there when I go back.