Thursday 25 October 2012

Gluten Free Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

Gluten free pastry can be difficult to make but here is my fool proof recipe - it hasn't failed me yet.

It might seem old using part self-raising gluten free flour, but it makes a lighter pastry.

It works best for quiches or smaller pies, where you can press it into shapes or tins to avoid breaking. Gluten free pastry can be very fragile but it can be rolled out if you are very careful when manoeuvring it.


150g plain gluten free flour blend (I use Doves Farm)
50g self raising gluten free flour blend
100g margarine
1/2 tsp salt
200ml cold water (you might not need to use it all)

Measure the two flours and salt into a mixing bowl. Add the margarine and mix with a fork until you have a breadcrumb-like texture.

Next, add the water a drop at a time whilst mixing gently until it binds. Remember that you will not necessarily need to use all of the water.

Once the mixture starts to bind, ditch the fork and use floured hands to combine into a pastry dough - if it feels too wet then add extra flour.

If you have time, wrap in cling film and set in the fridge for half an hour. If you don't have time, then you can use it straight away but I find it easier to handle after resting.

Whatever you are using it for, the pastry usually needs about 20 - 25 minutes in an oven at 190c.

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  1. Just wondering if you would need to blind bake this like some other traditional recipe. Does the 20-25 minutes timing is for empty or filled pastry?

  2. Can you use butter instead of margarine