Saturday 20 August 2022

My & Sanne, Brompton Road

We started off strong at My & Sanne with the beautiful décor and delicious mocktail but it went downhill from there...

I really don't like writing bad reviews and would usually just not write about it, but this was genuinely a complete disaster and we received no apology so here we are. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 1/10 and it only gets the 1 because of the beautiful interiors and pretty mocktail. Other than that I have nothing positive to say. 

So once we received the drinks, we then waited an hour and a half for some food. When we could actually get the waitress's attention, we were reassured it was coming but it just didn't come. We were sitting there extremely hungry, having finished our drinks while loads of people who came in after us got their food!

Fed up and hungry

And then, to add insult to injury, when the food did arrive it was TERRIBLE. The gluten free bread was rock solid and covered in oil. My 'shakshouka' was literally just a tin of passata with a whole red pepper dumped in it, no spices or seasoning and a really gross fried egg on top. And I didn’t even get the side dish I ordered.

My friend’s food was burnt and undercooked at the same time so they took it away and didn’t bother to replace it so she had no food. They told her to share mine! Not that that was edible either. No self-respecting chef would have served that. 

We were both starving and went down the road to McDonalds, before I passed out from hunger. They didn’t charge us for this meal because it was such a shitshow - not that we would have paid for that anyway!

I don't know whether that was a an 'off' day or what. But they didn't bother to explain what was happening or even rectify the situation. They even viewed my Instagram stories but didn't bother to reach out. 

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