Wednesday 3 May 2023

EL&N Cafe, Various Locations

EL&N Cafe might not be the best place for gluten free but it is definitely the prettiest place for a coffee...

It's so pretty and pink, and I obviously love pink, so I had to dedicate a blog post to it!  

I first went when the girls and I went for brunch at the Brompton Road branch a few years ago. When I asked for gluten free there was a bit of confusion, but then they did make me a GF eggs royale. Back then they did have a gluten free option on the menu so I'm not sure why it was so confusing to them.

More recently, I went to the Market Place branch at Oxford Circus for a coffee and cake. There was only one gluten free item on the menu which was the pistachio cake.

It was absolutely delicious but I hadn't checked the price when I ordered it so when the bill came it was £9 (!!) which I thought was pretty steep for a slice of cake. 

Just before Christmas I stopped at the Carnaby branch to get a takeaway coffee. I ordered a latte and when they handed it to me they had put all this (gluten) cereal on top! Bizarre thing to do when I just asked for a latte. Thankfully they didn't put the lid on otherwise I would have drank it and got really ill. 

When I asked for a new one they looked at me like I was mad and asked if they could just take it off if I didn't want the cereal. I had to explain about contamination. It was not a good experience. 

It is a good place to stop for a coffee (if you make sure they don't put random cereal on top!), but really not great for gluten free. The Market Place branch did seem more informed about allergies than the Carnaby branch and I did enjoy the cake, but would have been nice to have more choices. 

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