Saturday 27 September 2014

Tunisia 2014

A few weeks ago we travelled to Hammamet in Tunisia, North Africa...

As usual when I travel, I packed my suitcase full of emergency gluten free bread, snacks, cereal, crisps and, this time, some noodle cups from Itsu. The noodle cups make such a quick, easy and convenient snack or lunch, as well as being healthy.
We went all inclusive for the first time which I was really worried about and thought they might not have anything I could eat.
Turns out there was a fair bit I could actually eat; rice, chips, eggs, meat, potatoes and salad. Although some people advise that in North African countries you must be careful with salad as it can be washed in the water which can upset your stomach.
There was plenty of fruit and ice cream as well.
Here are some of my photos...

For more photos check out my Flickr account.

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