Sunday 3 January 2021

Station 26, Brixton

Station 26 is food heaven for coeliacs...

It is 100% gluten free and the food is such high quality, amazing food. I'm so lucky that it is local to me, down the road in Brixton Village.

It's the perfect place for brunch, lunch or dinner and my go-to place when my friends and family from Sussex come to visit.

I have taken so many gluten eating people there and they are always amazed at the food. I think there is a misconception that gluten free food is tasteless. But the food at Station 26 is anything but! Their Eggs Benedict (above) is the best I've ever had.

Brixton Village can be pretty chilly in the winter but Station 26 is cosy and they have blankets to keep you warm and toastie.

Follow them on Instagram and when they reopen, once the tier 4 restrictions are lifted, get yourself down there!

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