Thursday 1 April 2021

A Summer of Picnics

Last summer was a summer of many, many picnics...

I've always loved a nice picnic in the sunshine and I'm looking forward to having more this summer. I find it really fun putting them together, I love choosing different pretty foods and nice blankets to eat on. I especially like making food for my friends and family.

My favourite picnic I did last summer was the one above of rose prosecco, sweet potato falafels, sandwiches and a prawn and mango salad. I had it on my own in Brockwell Park during Lockdown #1. I think it was so enjoyable because before that they had closed the park so nobody could picnic but the had just reopened it and the weather was gorgeous. 

Who’s looking forward to summer picnics? ☀️🌾 ##picnics ##picnicaesthetic ##food ##glutenfree ##pizzaonthebeach ##pizza ##sushi ##aesthetic ##wine ##foodies

♬ Send Me on My Way - Guy Meets Girl

Here are some more of my picnic ideas for the summer ahead:

Camembert cheeseboard with apple & GF baguette

Gluten free rolls with crisps, strawberries & rose wine tinnys

GF Pizza (This pizza is from Rustico)

Prosciutto & asparagus with GF tiger bread, crudites & houmous

Brie cheeseboard with gluten free tiger bread & grapes

Black bean & mango salad with grapes & gluten free IPA

GF cheese & pesto bagel with lots of fruit

Breakfast picnic of GF pastries with lots of fruit

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