Sunday 30 April 2023

1947, Fitzrovia

I have very mixed feelings about 1947...

I'm going to hold my hand up and say that, these days, I am a bit of a restaurant snob, especially when it comes to fine dining in London. If I'm paying lots of money, I do expect the best.

The food was really delicious and they had plenty of gluten free options. The menu was labelled with G containing ingredients and the staff were very helpful. They helped me choose my dishes and the food, which is pan-Asian cuisine, really didn't disappoint. 

The problem was that this restaurant had all 3 of my restaurant pet peeves - mocktails in a tall boring glass, no tablecloth and terrible lighting Let me explain!

Firstly if I'm paying £12 for a mocktail, it better be good and well presented and in a unusual or beautiful glass or else it just feels like you are paying £12 for a glass of juice. 

Secondly, the lack of tablecloths. In my opinion, if a restaurant claims to be fine dining, which this one does, not only should there be great food and service, but there should also be the small but important details that make fine dining, well, fine. And proper napkins and tablecloths is one of those details!

Ok the lighting. I guess maybe this one can't be helped, I don't know. But as a food blogger spotlights and lighting like that make photographing food or people really difficult as they create annoying shadows. 

Overall, I would recommend for the food and good service, but there are better restaurants out there for roughly the same price.

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