My name is Camilla but go by Mila on my social media. I'm a coeliac who grew up in Brighton and lives in London. I love travelling the world and exploring new places. I spend my time trying new restaurants in London and Brighton; I love anything food and photography related. 

I started this blog mainly as a way to keep track of all my recipes, but I also wanted to create a platform to help anyone that has ever found it difficult dealing with living a gluten free lifestyle. When I first had to stop eating gluten I really struggled with it but the more I learned about being gluten free and the food you can eat and the more I learned to cook, the easier it became.

I have been gluten free for over 10 years and I have learnt that living gluten free doesn’t mean changing your life completely and it can be the start of something great. A happy gluten and wheat free lifestyle can be easily achieved with preparation and planning.

I'll show that you can live a normal life and eat fabulous food on a gluten free diet and you don't have to miss out!

I am a total shutterbug and like taking photos of everything; you can see lots of my photographs on my Facebook page or on Instagram.

If you would like to get in touch please email me at thedopaminediaries1@gmail.com.