Saturday 20 October 2012

Gluten Free Gravy Recipe

This gravy is so easy and flavoursome. It goes with anything from sausages to roast dinners...

The best thing about making your own gravy is that you can make it the consistency you want.

One thing to remember is that if it reaches your desired thickness, but all the cornflour hadn't been absorbed, you can always strain it through a sieve and serve.

You can make this gravy using margarine or if you are making this for a roast dinner, you can use the juices that come out of the roast chicken.

(Makes 1 pint)

2 knobs margarine or 2 tbsp roast chicken juices
2 tbsp corn flour
1 pint vegetable stock
Salt & pepper
Couple of drops of browning

Melt the margarine in a small saucepan over a gentle heat (or if using juices, just heat them in a pan).

Once all the margarine has melted add the cornflour and stir quickly with a whisk to make a roux.

Quickly add a splash of stock and whisk until absorbed. Repeat twice, then add the rest of the stock.

Gently whisk the gravy over a medium heat until all the cornflour mixture is absorbed and you have a smooth gravy. If you cannot get it smooth then strain through a sieve.

Add the seasoning and browning and stir until all mixed in and you have a lovely rich brown gravy.

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