Friday 7 February 2014

Bacon & Avocado Spring Rolls Recipe

This recipe uses one of my favourite ingredients, bacon.

Anything with bacon in is generally awesome. Although it is not the healthiest thing on the planet, this is actually a pretty healthy way to have it.

This recipe uses Vietnamese rice paper, the type that is hard until you soften it in water. Make sure that you check the packaging very carefully. Although the ones I buy are gluten free, I don't know if the same goes for all brands. If you are local to Brighton, I got mine in Taj on Western Road.

(Makes 12)
1 avocado
6 rashers of streaky bacon
12 sheets Vietnamese rice paper
A couple of fresh iceberg lettuce leaves
Chilli sauce, to serve
Grill the bacon until gorgeous and crisp then cut the strips in half. 

Slice the avocado and toss in lemon juice to stop it browning. The strips should be roughly the same length as the bacon. Then slice the lettuce into strips of the same length as the bacon and the avocado.

Place a rice paper sheet in a tray of warm water for 5 seconds (or per packet instructions), remove and place on a plate.

Place a strip of bacon, avocado and a few strips of lettuce in the horizontally middle of the paper. Then fold the left side in, then the right side, then the bottom and then roll up into a spring roll (or follow packet instructions of how to roll them if provided). If you need extra help here, I've found a video that demonstrates how to roll quite well, just click here.

Repeat the process until you have 12 rolls. Serve with the chilli sauce.

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