Monday 15 June 2015

Perfect Picnic

It's National Picnic Week in the UK..

Picnics are fabulous and quintessentially English... Come rain or shine, us Brits love them. Although sunshine is preferable, one of my favourite picnics was in a forest and it was drizzling with rain!

I love packing up a hamper filled with delicious, fun, gluten free food and heading off to find beautiful places to enjoy it in.

Planning the perfect gluten free picnic can be a daunting task, especially for the newly gluten free. They can often made up of heavy, gluten filled food. But with more gluten free products available in the supermarkets than ever before, things are getting a lot easier.

Supermarkets like Marks & Spencer now sell gluten free quiches, scotch eggs, sauasages and more.

 My picnics are usually made up with whatever I have in the fridge but here are some of my favourite ideas:

  • Sausages - most supermarkets sell gluten free sausages (M&S are my favourite) or you could try Sally's Sizzling Sausages.
  • Sweet Potatoes - cubed, roasted and tossed in a salad is delicious and filling without being heavy.
  • Potatoes - my favourite is pesto potatoes. Just cube some potatoes, parboil for 10 minutes, roast in the oven until crisp and then toss in green pesto.
  • Salads - simple lambs lettuce and radishes.
  • Salad Jars - this is an easy way to transport salads to picnics, but de-seed any tomatoes or cucumber to stop them getting soggy. Pictured below are prawn and corn and Greek salad jars.
  • Spiralized Noodle Jars - cook up my Sesame King Prawn Noodles, transfer to jars and eat cold straight out of the jars.
  • Prawns - cooked in lemon juice for extra flavour.
  • Eggs - classically hard boiled or made into a frittata.
  • Tuna & Roasted Red Pepper Salad - served with leaves & butter beans.
  • Cheese Straws - using this easy recipe.
  • Quiches - you can buy them in M&S or you can make your own using my recipe.
  • Scotch Eggs - you can buy them in M&S or try my gluten free and veggie recipe.
  • Gluten free sandwiches or rolls
  • Falafels - here are my recipes
  • Chocolate brownies 
  • Strawberries for a healthy picnic treat. 
  • Champagne/Pimms/Sparkling Juice

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