Friday 19 June 2015

Raspberry Prosecco Cocktails - 3 Year Blogiversary!

My blog is THREE!!

Wow, I can't believe my blog has been around for three years. It has improved so much in that time and I have learned a lot about cooking, photography and food styling. Although it is still just a hobby, who knows what the future could bring.

When I first started blogging, I didn't think anyone would read my blog but as the three years have gone on, I have gained a lot of support from social media - so thank you all for following my journey and reading my blog!

One special mention goes to my husband, if it wasn't for his encouragement and love of food, I would never have started this blog (or probably even learned to cook!).
So to celebrate, here is my recipe for tasty prosecco cocktails. These cocktails aren't too sweet or overpowering, perfect for a summer evening. They have lovely subtle raspberry flavours and a hint of mint.

You can make an alcohol free version with fizzy water and a tiny bit of blackcurrant squash, just reduce the sugar to taste.

(Makes 2 glasses)

400ml prosecco
1 & 1/2 level tsp golden caster sugar
100g fresh raspberries, plus two raspberries to serve
2 small sprigs of mint 

2 champagne flutes

Pour the prosecco into a measuring jug then allow it to sit while it stops fizzing.

Meanwhile, push the 100g of raspberries through a sieve with a wooden spoon. Catch the puree that comes out in a bowl and discard the seedy bit.

Pour the raspberry puree and sugar into the prosecco and gently mix. Again, leave to sit while it stops fizzing.

Pour into the champagne flutes, and serve with a whole raspberry in each and a spring of mint each.


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