Thursday 24 December 2020

13 Simple Ways to Ease Anxiety

With so much terrible stuff happening in the world, it’s hard not to be anxious...

There are so many more people suffering with anxiety this year than ever before. With so much uncertainty and the news last week that millions of people in the UK will not get to spend Christmas with their families, or will have to spend Christmas alone due to further Covid-19 restrictions, I thought I would put together my list of ways to ease anxiety based on my own experiences.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to get rid of anxiety but these are some simple but effective ideas that might just help. 

1 - Take a nap

The all time number one thing that makes my anxiety worse is being tired. Catching up on some sleep can do wonders for your mental health.

2 - Limit your news intake

Although it is good to stay up-to-date with current affairs, the news is extremely anxiety-inducing, especially this year. Try to limit your news intake and and fill your social media feeds with positive stuff.

3 - Yoga

Any exercise helps but yoga is extremely calming and can lower your heart rate. Forward bending poses are especially good for anxiety and calming the mind. 

4 - Reduce alcohol intake

Although drinking alcohol might make you feel better initially, you can often feel way more anxious after the alcohol wears off and this can last for days. 

5 - Get creative

Whether its drawing, cooking, writing or even just creating a photo for your Instagram, throwing yourself into a creative project can take your mind off your anxiety and you will feel better for achieving something too.

6 - Go for a walk in nature

Nature soothes the soul and just getting out in the fresh air can really improve your mood. Even if it is just a stroll around your local park.

7 - Eat well

Foods that make anxiety worse - processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fatty foods. Avoid as much as possible while having an anxious episode. 

8 -  Lose yourself in a good book

Losing yourself in a good book can take your mind off your anxiety and really help you relax.

9 - Cuddle a furry friend

Pets, especially cats and dogs, can reduce anxiety and stress and having a cuddle with an animal can really calm you down. 

10 - Try focusing on smaller things that you can control

The current situation in world is so uncertain and out of our control. I find it helps to focus on smaller things that I can control and taking things day by day. For example, really concentrating on my work helps because I know I am good at it and I can control how much I do and how well I do it.

11 - A tidy home = a tidy mind

Living in a messy space makes it hard to relax and calm your mind. Clutter over stimulates your mind and can stress you out by making it hard to find things you need. Tidy up!

12 - Find a peaceful space to meditate

Even if you struggle to meditate, taking a few minutes to breathe with help a lot. Try Headspace for guided meditations.

13 - Talk it out with someone 

I’m lucky to have a few people in my life who can calm me down when anxiety takes over. If you have someone in your life who wants to understand what you are going through then pick up the phone or meet them for a coffee and have a chat.

I hope these ideas help anyone who is struggling through this difficult period but always know that this too shall pass.

And have a Merry Christmas!

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