Tuesday 22 December 2020

Manna Dew Bakery, Battersea

I had seen a lot about this bakery on Instagram...

I was looking for some local, smaller businesses to support during these tough times and people were raving about Manna Dew, saying how amazing their pastries are. Their photos looked amazing so I placed an order. 

Although they are local to me in London, they deliver so I had them sent to my family home in Sussex. I was a bit worried about how well they would travel but they were packed well and turned up in perfect condition - and they only took a few days to arrive.

And Instagram was right - they are the best gluten free pastries I've ever tasted. Even Charlie the Cat wanted to try them!

I've been gluten free for about 12 years and this is the first time I feel like I have had a proper pastry. They look good, taste great and have a fantastic light and fluffy texture - not stodgy like some of the gluten free pastries I have tried. My (gluten eating) parents tried them too and said they tasted like 'normal' pastries. 

The bakery is a 100% gluten free and based in Battersea. They sell really high quality products, their range varies from breakfast pastries to artisan breads and cookies. I think my favourite was the cheese twist.

Click here if you want to order some for yourself.

Here they are in all their glory!

Cinnamon Swirl

Cheese Twist

Chocolate Twist

Nutella Diamond

Spinach Feta & Olive Diamond

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