Tuesday 26 January 2021

Delicious & Gluten Free in Bergen, Norway

I went to Norway with one of my best friends (she is my favourite travel buddy)...

We also went to Croatia together and we are always on the same page about what we want from our trips. Plus she always finds the best Airbnbs for a really good price!

Gluten Free Snacks and Wine in the Airbnb

Norway is pretty expensive so we wanted to stay in a place where we could cook our own food. I did my usual trick of bringing some gluten free essentials with me but I had no problems finding gluten free products because they had free from sections in most of the supermarkets that we went to (below).

Free From Section of the Supermarket

They had lots of the usual products that you find in the UK and also some that I hadn't seen before so I brought a few back with me; some Scandinavian rolls and crispbreads and some ready mixes. There were also gluten free treats available in some of the cafes.

Gluten Free Brownies in a Cafe


Bergen is such pretty city surrounded by mountains and fjords and filled with beautiful wooden houses. My favourite thing we did was the boat trip down the fjords. It was the most beautiful coastline with snowy mountains and in some parts the water was so cold it was covered in a layer of ice. It was so cold and foggy but one of my favourite travel experiences ever (photos below)! 

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