Sunday 28 February 2021

Delicious & Gluten Free in Denmark

I went to Denmark for one of my oldest friend's wedding and the christening of her first baby...

Our whole group of school friends went which was fantastic as it was the first time in years all of us had been together.

We were the only guests that knew it was a wedding and christening. All the Danish guests just thought it was a christening so it was pretty exciting!

Anyway we didn't go to too many places because we were busy celebrating the wedding/christening but I thought I'd tell you about this burger I had in Copenhagen. 

We went to 42Raw for lunch where they serve healthy fast food. It was such a great place to stop for a quick lunch as it catered for all our (many) dietary requirements. They had gluten free bread and vegan burgers (above) with sweet potato fries. It tasted great and was really healthy too.

When we are allowed to travel again, I'd love to go back to visit my friend and see some more of Copenhagen and try some more food!

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