Thursday 23 September 2021

Flight Club, London Victoria

Flight Club is such a fun concept...

It's all about food, drinks and playing darts and they have locations around London. We booked a Brunch Social ticket through Design My Night and it included bottomless pizza (with gluten free available!), a bottle of prosecco each, orange juice and an hour of darts after. 

As I stopped drinking after we booked the tickets, I had gallons of orange juice instead of prosecco and could only manage one pizza so I'm not really sure it was worth the price of the ticket for me which I think was £40. But if you do drink and can eat loads of pizza it is worth it!

We had such a great time except for the fact that I kind of had a small argument with the member of staff taking our order about whether or not I could eat their pizza. She told me that although they had gluten free pizzas, they don't serve coeliacs... I asked why and she said it was because they cook the pizza in the same kitchen/oven as the normal pizzas. This is a standard warning you get in a lot of restaurants (but its usually just written at bottom of the menu). 

I understood her concern and her warning, however it is for me to decide whether to risk it or not, surely? After the fact, I did a poll on Instagram and most coeliacs agreed with me, that it is up to us to decide whether to take the risk and most of the people who voted actually do take the risk in these situations! 

So anyway, I then asked her if they cook the gluten free pizzas on a tray in the pizza oven and she said it was on baking paper so I said that was fine for me, as I was willing to take the risk. And finally, after quite a bit of back and forth, she agreed that I could have their gluten free pizza. I have never been treated like that and I was just really unimpressed by the aggressive manner in which she told me that they don't serve coeliacs.

Maybe she was having an off day or something, and I don't like to write bad reviews as I like to look at the positive side of things but the whole situation made me pretty uncomfortable. Aside from that they whole experience was really good fun. 

Playing darts was really fun but I had to sit down a lot. Because of the long covid I get tired very quickly and the more tired I got the worse I got so I ended up losing, which was rubbish because I am pretty competitive! The bar is really gorgeous as well, it is designed like a fairground on the inside with a magic garden outside.

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