Thursday 9 September 2021

Seabird, Southwark

Seabird is definitely a summer hot spot in London...

It is a rooftop restaurant and raw bar in at The Hoxton Hotel in Southwark. The views across the city are incredible. 

Even though I had made a reservation months in advance it was not guaranteed that we get a table on the terrace, but as it was a 30c day in London we decided to wait 30 minutes to get a table outside. 

The inside of the restaurant is very beautiful with stunning decor in neutral tones with lots of views and plants, but the reason you visit Seabird is for the terrace (especially in the summer).

Their menu is GF labelled so I chose what I wanted to eat pretty easily. However the person serving us seemed slightly panicked when I asked for my food to be gluten free (even though they offer a GF labelled menu??), which I thought was odd. After checking with the chef, and the usual explanation that they cant guarantee it be 100% gluten free due to the kitchen handling gluten etc, it was agreed they could feed me. 

Anyway, all was fine and I was advised that the chef cooked mine safely to avoid as much cross-contamination as possible. I had the tuna ceviche and the seafood rice which were divine. Eating delicious seafood in the 30 degree heat made me feel like I was on holiday. The ceviche was one of the best ceviches I have had.

While I am glad they checked with the chef etc, it did seem like a lot of fuss considering they do offer gluten free food on their menu. Shouldn't they be a bit more prepared to catering for gluten free people if they offer it on their menu? Perhaps they were having an off day, who knows. If you have eaten gluten free there, let me know what your experience was like in the comments below.

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