Wednesday 1 September 2021

Gluten Free Takeaways (SW2)

I am a self-confessed Deliveroo addict...

Whether it be pizza, sushi, tacos, or burgers I am obsessed. I spend so much money on food and have been eating out a lot recently so I am trying to cut down on the takeaways. I miss them so much though so I thought I would put together a list of my favourites that deliver to SW2 (Brixton area of South London), but a few are chains so have branches nationwide.

Full disclosure... I got so hungry writing this, I accidentally ordered a takeaway! Oops.

Honestly the best gluten free pizza in London. Somehow they always deliver piping hot and are super generous with the toppings.

2 - Honest Burgers (Deliveroo)

Honest burgers started in Brixton and is now all over. They do the best gluten free and vegan burgers.

3 - Utter Waffle (Deliveroo)

I was soooo happy when Utter Waffle opened a restaurant in Herne Hill, their waffles are incredible. My favourite is the pizza stuffed waffle. 

4 - The Poke Shack (Deliveroo)

For a healthier option I love a poke bowl from The Poke Shack. A lot of their menu is gluten free, you just need to check. 

5 - Joe & the Juice (Deliveroo)

My favourite lunch time takeaway - their gluten free panini is amazing!

6 - Pho (Deliveroo)

If I need a noodle fix, Pho is the place to order from. So much on the menu is marked GF and their summer rolls are my fave.

7 - Sushi Gourmet (Deliveroo)

    I love sushi and Sushi Gourmet does great sushi with good portion sizes. Make sure you check the allergen menu before ordering. 

8 - DF Tacos (Deliveroo)

DF Tacos are the best tacos I have had in London, they are so delicious. They have restaurants in Brick Lane, Tottenham Court Road and Brixton.

9 - Bird (Uber Eats)

The fried chicken at Bird is gluten free and so good!

10 - McDonalds (Uber Eats)

In the UK, the Mcdonalds Veggie dippers and fries are gluten free (the fries are cooked in dedicated fryers). For breakfast, the hash browns, sausage patty, bacon and eggs have no gluten containing ingredients (check here for the information) so if you order extra hash browns and the breakfast without a bun, you can make this awesome has brown breakfast sandwich.

11 - Chipotle (Deliveroo)

A lot of the menu is gluten free (just make sure you avoid the tortilla wraps), the burrito bowls are amazing.

NB - Please always check with the restaurant before ordering as ingredients and processes can easily change.

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