Tuesday 4 January 2022

Delicious & Gluten Free in Hamburg, Germany

Due to covid I haven't travelled abroad for over 2 years..!

I've been reflecting on some of my trips again recently, I used to travel every few months. One of my favourite girls trips was to Hamburg in Germany with my London girls. We met through work but bonded instantly through our love of travel, food, fashion and restaurants.

Although Hamburg is not on the coast, it is a major port city so it does have a beach, because of the River Elbe connecting it to the North Sea. If you head to Elbstrand there is a lovely sandy beach over looking the river and the cranes.

Much to my surprise, when we got to the beach, the beach bar actually had a gluten free beer! Although this beer is not labelled gluten free, I knew it was after previously having it in a pub in London and the bar staff reassuring me. 

We had a lovely meal at Mama Trattoria where they have a gluten free labelled menu. You can order the pasta dishes with gluten free pasta or courgette noodles. The food was simple but really great. It kind of reminded me a bit of Ask in the UK. 

I had a caprese salad and pasta with prawns. It was really nice and just what I needed after a day of trekking around the city.

We also ate a Rudolph's and, while they were not very friendly, the gluten free options were great and they took cross contamination quite seriously. The provided gluten free bread in its own basket as well. 

I had a goats cheese salad and a huge gluten free pizza. I really enjoyed this meal, it was definitely the best of the trip.  

Hamburg is such a beautiful and interesting city to visit. I would definitely recommend it. The Speicherstadt in the Hafencity quarter (below) is really beautiful. It has lots of interesting architecture and the canals running through it. This is the best spot for photos.

Hopefully Omicron will bugger off soon so that I can start travelling again. I just haven't felt comfortable travelling abroad since the pandemic started.

Evening Views


Old Elbe Tunnel

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