Sunday 27 February 2022

Neverland London

Neverland London aka Fulham Beach Club is such an awesome place for a summer’s day…

I’m pretty sure they have been recently decked out for cosy winter vibes but I was lucky enough to go when it was 30c - it was like being on holiday! Check out my YouTube video for a little review. 

They have all sorts there including beach huts and igloos. There were 4 of us and we hired a beach hut which sheltered us from the boiling sun. It was very spacious so had plenty of room, plus deck chairs outside on the sand. 

I’m glad we had a hut because there was really loud music by the normal tables and, now that I’m old (and now that I don’t drink), I can’t be doing with shouting over music! Where we were was nice and chilled. 

There didn’t appear to be many gluten free options but I got a gluten free margarita pizza and had a couple of mocktails. It wasn't too pricey and the pizza was nice, just your average gluten free pizza. It wasn’t special but was good to have the option to eat. 

It’s a fab place for a day with friends and lots of spots for instagrammable photo opportunities if that’s your thing! And especially good if you want to be outdoors. I would like to go back and see what they’ve done with it over the winter.

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