Monday 29 August 2022

Delicious & Gluten Free in Whitstable

Whitstable was only a day trip but such a lovely day...

As you probably know if you are a regular reader of my blog or know me personally, I have long covid. This trip was last summer but even now, 2.5 years down the line, it is something I really struggle with. I can do a lot of fun things but day trips or all day events are hard. 

So that's why we decided to hire a beach hut for the day! I found it on Airbnb and while it was quite expensive, it gave us a base for the day so I could rest and just relax. I loved the cute shabby chic style of it. It was full of things that you might need for the day; cups, plates, cutlery etc and it had a BBQ.

We decided to walk there from the station which, in hindsight, was a bad idea because it exhausted me! But it meant we got to see lots of sites in Whitstable along the way. We grabbed some coffee and walked through the town. 

We brought lots of food with us and my friend was a star and got to work lighting the BBQ and cooking our lunch while I sat outside the beach hut. We had gluten free hot dogs and lots of other bits. It was a lovely day and then, thoroughly exhausted from all the fresh air, we jumped on the train back to London. 

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