Thursday 1 September 2022

Rockwater, Hove

I really loved Rockwater...

I used to live in Hove and this wasn't there then, but if it had been it would have been my favourite place to go! There are several floors and a roof terrace overlooking the beach so its perfect for warm weather.

I was happy because they had nice mocktails, it was my first summer without alcohol and I had been craving an Aperol Spritz all summer and this was the first time finding an alcohol free drink that actually resembled one! 

The food was fresh and inventive and beautifully presented and they had a GF labelled menu which is always a bonus. 

Service was incredibly slow but for once in my life I didn't get too annoyed with that (living in London means you become accustomed to expecting things to happen immediately, which is not a good thing!). I was happy to be spending time with my sisters in the sunshine and had nowhere else to be.

I would definitely recommend as a place for some good gluten free food and a place to unwind and enjoy the slightly slower pace of life that Brighton & Hove has to offer. 

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