Monday 30 January 2023

Ave Mario, Covent Garden

Oh my goodness, its been a while...

Life has been a lot recently and 2022 was insanely busy! I tried to keep on top of my blog but between having long covid (still), starting at a new company (and then getting promoted!), and posting on my Instagram, well, I just couldn't keep on top of it all. 

Anyway, I'm going to try harder and I'm back with a quick review of Ave Mario in Covent Garden. It is part of the Big Mamma group and as they have just opened a new restaurant in Kensington (Jacuzzi), I thought this might be a good time to review this one.

I was so excited to go to Ave Mario because it had been SO hyped up on Instagram, just as Jacuzzi is being now. Their restaurants can be quite hard to get a reservation so I was pretty pleased with myself for getting one.  

So the verdict was, while the décor lived up to the hype, the food did not. The food was really disappointing. I knew there wouldn't be loads of gluten free options but I'd been to their restaurant Circolo Popolare so I was expecting better. 

The starter was literally just some bland prawns on 3 pieces of lettuce and I think they charged around £13 for this so a bit over priced for what it was. 

The main was nice and the portion size was big but I would have preferred if they offered some gluten free pasta or something more tasty. 

I was really glad that we were seated in the main 'Instagrammable' room because the other rooms were not as nice. I would have not been happy sitting in the basement because it was really smoky (I think from the kitchen) and when I went down to go to the loo, it made my eyes sting!

I would like to visit again because their menus seem to change quite often and when i went, it hadn't been open that long so maybe it was just teething problems. 

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