Sunday 20 August 2023

Gaucho, Tower Bridge

I was actually really impressed with Gaucho...

I'm not sure why but I went in with pretty low expectations. When we first walked in downstairs there was some loud bottomless brunch event going on... I just don't do bottomless brunch! 

But thankfully, the upstairs was completely different. It was sophisticated and calm. We had a lovely window facing table with amazing views of Tower Bridge, a great place to people watch. All the seats where angled so that both people could enjoy the view. I hate it when there's a view and one person has to have their back to it.

The food was fantastic. I had the ceviche followed by the tuna and both were fantastic. They have an QR code that you can scan for the allergen information but the staff were very helpful and understanding of dietary requirements.

In fact, the service was brilliant. They were extremely polite and helpful. My friend was not happy with how her steak was cooked so they took it away without any issue and remade it. They also took away mine to keep it warm until hers was ready, so we could eat at the same time which was a nice touch.

I would definitely recommend if you are in the Tower Bridge area.

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