Monday 28 August 2023

A.O.K Kitchen, Marylebone

A.O.K was a bit of a funny one...

I had wanted to go there for YEARS because it seemed amazing for gluten free. So I was excited to go there with my fellow coeliac friend.

It is a beautiful restaurant with a busy neighbourhood brunch vibe. I really enjoyed the décor, except for the heavy dark wood which I have an actual hatred of. As a food blogger, dark wooden tables are your enemy (as well as spotlights)! They make it so hard to photograph food.

Their Instagram describes the food as Mediterranean, Californian flavours with limited gluten, dairy and refined sugar, which sounds great! But the reality was slightly different. We expected most things to be gluten free, but they weren't. There seemed to be a bit of confusion to what was actually gluten free on the menu.

Thankfully, the pancakes were gluten free and they were amazing! We both really enjoyed them and would go back just to have them again. 

Everything else was pretty average but the pancakes definitely redeemed the meal. I think, if they are going to advertise as 'limited gluten' the menu should be clearer. 

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