Saturday 2 September 2023

Delicious & Gluten Free in Paris #2

   I went to Paris for the second time with one of my besties...

It was my first trip after Covid and since being diagnosed with long covid, so I was a bit anxious but my friend made it really great and looked after me a lot (helping with my suitcase and bringing me coffees and pain killers in the morning!). 

I first visited Paris in 2017 which was a solo trip so this was a very different experience. It was great to share the experience with someone and we ate in some great places. She helped me with my photos too which was great!

Avenue de Camoens

On the first night we ate at Little Nonna, a cosy Italian restaurant serving only gluten free food! They even had gluten free French bread which was incredible. It had been raining so it was the perfect spot to warm up and eat some delicious comfort food. 

The pizzas were fantastic and it was so great to know that everything was gluten free. The food was so filling I don't think I ate breakfast the next day! The staff were very friendly too so I would definitely recommend.

The next stop on our foodie tour was NoGlu which was actual gluten free heaven - I didn't know where to start! I picked up a coffee and snack and then some extras for breakfast the next day.

I had my first ever madeleine which I'd always wanted to try but gluten free madeleines are not very common in London. The doughnut was actually incredible and I wish I had bought more. The croissants were divine and saved me from the very gluteny breakfast buffet at our hotel. 

On the second night we ate at La Favorite, which was... an experience. It was a really pretty restaurant and seemed very popular with the locals. 

After we were seated, we were completely ignored by nearly every single member of staff. No idea why, they seemed pretty attentive of everyone else. We sat without food for maybe an hour before my friend went and spoke to the manager. 

I was really disappointed because I had previously contacted them on Instagram to check whether they have gluten free options and they had replied straight away.

Anyway, we eventually got our food which was absolutely delicious but I wouldn't recommend purely because we were completely ignored. I wouldn't have put up with that if it had happened in London, but I was so tired from a day of exploring and just wanted to eat some food!

The rest of the trip was wandering around Paris and sending quality time together. Since I moved to London, I don't get to spend as much time with my besties from back home as I would like. 

Eiffel Tower

River Seine

Petit Palais

Coffee & Doughnut at NoGlu

View from the Arc de Triomphe

Gluten Free Carrot Cake at Cafe Kitsune

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