Friday 19 February 2021

Six, Hove

I first visited Six when my London friends came back home to Sussex with me for the weekend...

We spent the day showing them around Brighton and drinking cocktails before heading into Hove to see where I used to live, just up the road from Six.

The restaurant was absolutely stunning and the food was fantastic. It was so delicious and fresh and they had quite a few gluten free options.

I had the calamari followed by the salmon. I don't usually love salmon but this was really nice, served with a gorgeous sauce and tenderstem broccoli.

The only fault I had that night was that the restaurant was absolutely boiling hot, but it was a sweltering bank holiday weekend in August. Everything else was perfect. 

However the next time I visited, although I had a great time with my Brighton family, my food wasn't up to scratch. I had the plant burger and it wasn't a patch on an Honest Burger!

It is my go-to restaurant when I am in town because it is nice and spacious, has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are really friendly.

Satay Chicken

Plant Burger

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