Monday 9 August 2021

6 of the Best Gluten Free Restaurants in London (2021)

There are endless gluten free options in London...

When I first had to start eating gluten free it was so hard to eat out; it was too stressful to bother. But these days, I eat out so much its like my hobby! I feel so lucky to live in a city like London where there are so many gluten free options. 

Loving Life at Sushisamba

I have been to many restaurants in London and some are the best for their decor or their vibe, and some are the best for their service and overall experience. But here are my top 6 restaurants for eating gluten free:

Indigo is a 100% gluten free and Coeliac UK accredited restaurant and the food is amazing! Check out my post here

Station 26 is local to me in Brixton and is small but special! It is 100% gluten free and all the gluten eating friends I have taken there love it. Check out my post here

Niche is another 100% gluten free restaurant. It was the first  gluten free restaurant I went to and it was heaven. You have to try their fried chicken! Check out my post here

Duck & Waffle is awesome, loads of their menu is gluten free. Just ask the staff and they will tell you what you can and cant eat. Check out my post here

Ceviche is in the heart of buzzing Soho and their Peruvian food is the best. So unusual and delicious, some of the best food I have had. They have a GF labelled menu and there are loads of gluten free options.

Not only does Sushisamba have the best views across the city, it also has incredible fusion food of Japanese - Brazilian - Peruvian. Check out my post here.

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