Friday 30 June 2023

The Ivy Asia, Various Locations

The first time I went, I loved The Ivy Asia

I went to the St Paul's location. At the time that was the only branch but since then they have opened several more. 

From the decor, to the service, to the food - it was all amazing. The sushi was fantastic. It was so fresh and delicious plus they have gluten free soy sauce. It’s always a bonus when restaurants can provide that, if they can’t, it’s not the same.

The waiter we had was brilliant. As soon as I told him I needed gluten free, he was extremely helpful. He told me what I could and couldn’t have and went out of his way to help me. There was a fair bit I couldn’t have but there was lots of sushi I could have, so I was happy. 

The decor is stunning. One of the most beautiful restaurants I have been to. The floors are glowing lily pads and there are spectacular views of St. Paul’s cathedral. And, as with every branch of their restaurants, the loos were just as beautiful as the restaurant,

They even brought us a birthday mochi ice cream, even though it wasn't our birthdays! Think it was a mix up but they let us eat it anyway.


However, the next time I went, I went to the Chelsea branch. Unfortunately the staff weren't nearly as helpful with my dietary requirements. The meal was nice but towards the end, the bartender accidently knocked over a bottle of beer and as we were seated right next to the bar it went all over our table. 

While I appreciate that accidents happen, none of the staff rushed to clean it up, but that wasn't even the issue for me. Beer had gone on my food and of course, beer is gluten! I tried to explain this to the staff but they didn't seem to care or understand. 

They didn't offer to replace the food either and I couldn't finish it because it had been contaminated. I later complained on Instagram and the manager called me to offer me some free champagne next time I visit but I don't drink and I don't think that really made up for it. 

I recently received an email from a reader saying that she had a bad experience at one of The Ivy Asia's too. I think that now there are so many of them, they are just not as special and perhaps less care and effort is made by the staff. When I first went, there was only one branch and it was really special.

St Paul's


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