Sunday 15 May 2022

Aubaine, Selfridges

Aubaine is a beautiful little French restaurant inside Selfridges (Oxford Street)...

The decor is fantastic and so is the food, making it a great spot to stop for a shopping break. The staff are really helpful and let us move to a better table when I requested it.

The food was delicious, and although they do not have a GF labelled menu, they helped me choose dishes that I could eat. And I unintentionally ended up choosing two cheese-based dishes!

I had the burrata salad to start and the halloumi salad for the main. The halloumi salad was amazing and really filling... or maybe it was all the cheese. 

I mainly wanted to go there for the aesthetics but so the food was better than expected. I really enjoyed it and would really recommend for a lunch spot if you are in town. You will love it if you have a thing for Wisteria like I do!

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