Friday 3 June 2022

The Flint House, Brighton

The food at The Flint House was incredible...

The décor was lovely and the setting was great. They even had a gluten free menu and the staff were knowledgeable on the subject. The food was amazing. The quality and the presentation was outstanding. I couldn't fault it. 

However. Only a couple of minutes after I had finished my last bite, we were told to move from our table out onto the terrace because they needed the table (even though the restaurant was pretty empty). While I am used to time limits in restaurants, I have never been told to leave my table quite that quickly! Usually they give you a chance to digest your food first. 

I suppose, they hadn't kicked us out as we were allowed on the (busy) terrace, but as the restaurant itself was pretty empty, that didn't sit well with me! Unfortunately, although the food was amazing, when I think of the restaurant now, that of what I think of. 

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