Sunday 17 July 2022

Alto by San Carlo, Selfridges

I was really impressed with Alto by San Carlo...

They change their décor seasonally I think, but when I went there was Dior theme and it was stunning. It was a Dior/French Riviera theme and just like being abroad as it is a covered outdoor terrace, high up in Selfridges. We got lucky with the weather, it was lovely and warm! 

It was so impeccably done. From the decorated private lift to the wallpapered hallway to the terrace itself, no area had been neglected. 

The menu was huge and a bit overwhelming. But after speaking with the waiter he helped me choose my food. While they don't have a gluten free labelled menu, he said to choose what I would like and he would see if it can be made gluten free. They also had gluten free spaghetti. 

They made me a gluten free Carbonara and it was incredible - the best one I have had probably! The portion sizing was good too. Quite often, in more expensive places, they make the portions quite small which can be disappointing but that was not the case here.

As well as Carbonara, I had grilled prawns and Caprese Salad and it was all delicious. I would definitely recommend it if you are gluten free. 

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