Sunday 14 January 2024

Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill

Its been while!!

I've been a bit slack on the blog posts in the last year as my full time job has been so busy (I got promoted last year, yay!). I've barely had time to think during the week, let alone sit down and write blog posts. But my new year's resolution for 2024 is to put some boundaries in at work and spend more time doing things that I enjoy, and stop letting work take over my life!

Beach Blanket Babylon had been on my list for ages, I think after seeing it on Made in Chelsea, when I binged watched too many seasons during Lockdown.

When I finally visited, it was ok. At first they seated us in a really horrible seat under a corrugated roof (you you can see it in the background below). So after getting us moved to the beautiful terrace, I was much happier. It is the perfect spot for a summer's day brunch. I'm obsessed with the monochrome awnings.

The reason I say it was only ok, was because there weren't a lot of gluten free options. But what I did have was really good. The portion sizes were good sized and the flavours amazing.  

I had a salmon rice bowl and a GF granola yoghurt bowl, their brunch menu has changed since I went though. However, looking at the current a la carte menu, there are lots more gluten free options on it and they look great,so maybe I will go back for dinner one day and try it out.

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