Tuesday 18 June 2024

Split, Croatia

I absolutely love Croatia...

I had been to Dubrovnik before so this time we went to Split. We stayed on the outskirts by the beach.

The weather was a bit unpredictable but I was just grateful to get away, it was my first time on a plane after covid. I had waited a while to go properly away because of having long covid which really knocked my confidence with solo travel. 

I went on this trip with one of my besties who is also my favourite travel companion so it was a good way to get back into travel. We always have a great time together.

In terms of food, we had an Airbnb so we could cook some meals in but we did go into the city centre for a few dinners. 

We found Pandora GreenBox which is a plant based restaurant with gluten free options as well. I had a vegan feta salad with gluten free bread which was lovely. 

We also tried out BEPA which was  lovely restaurant with an outdoor terrace on the square. The décor was gorgeous and, although there weren't many gluten free options, the food I had was amazing. I had the tuna steak, I think that may have been the only GF option at the time. 

If you visit Split, there is a dog walking experience which I originally saw on the TV show Travel Man and knew I had to go! I love anything to do with animals. 

Bestie Split is a no kill shelter where they save and rehome dogs. At the time they did a beach dog walk where you can take the dogs for a walk and they get to socialise with humans. It was the best day!

This adorable angel is Howie (named Howard after The Big Bang Theory character). I really wanted to bring him home to London and spent the evening trying not to cry that I had to leave him behind! I hope that he has now found his forever family.

It was a lovely trip but I think if I had to choose between Split and Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik would win. You can check out my previous post here

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